HighLights of TheNew Education Policy 2019 (Draft)

Highlights of the New Education Policy-2019-Draft
Assistant Professor
Department of Education
Annamalai University

For School Education

*Merging Higher secondary with secondary and introduction of 9-12 standards in semester pattern with 8 semesters- as secondary.
*Schooling Starting from 3 years of age onwards.
*Merging Anganwadis with pre-schools, creating school complexes
*4 Year Integrated BEd., common for all Teachers,
*B.Ed., will conducted by Multi disciplinary colleges and Universities only. All Stand alone colleges of B.Ed., will be immediately closed.
*Two year B.Ed., will be modified to single year for under graduates and will be conducted by those institutions
conducting four year B.Ed.,
*Vocational Education will be included in school education commonly.
*Three language system will be implemented from standard 6
onwards. (Hindi for Non Hindi speaking states and any one of the scheduled languages for Hindi speaking states)
*Importance will be given to Home language and National language and less priority will be for English.
*TET will have a live class teaching demo also.

For Higher Education

*UGC will be replaced.. by NHERA National Higher Education Regulatory Authority
*In higher Education, the system will be modified as Type I, Type II, Type III.
*Type I- Research Universities will include all
*Type II- Teaching Universities
*Type-III- Teaching Colleges
*Affiliation- structure will be closed- all will be individual intuitions of any one type. All colleges will be transferred to Type III.
*All Type I, II, III institutions will have B.Ed., four year programmes to link Higher Education with school Education.
*HRDCs will be merged with Universities. New HRDCs will be developed in Universities of Multi disciplinary.
*Establishment of a National Research Foundation: A National Research Foundation (NRF) will be established to grant competitive funding for outstanding research proposals across all disciplines,
*Private institutions also will get funding for projects.
*There will be a common examination for MBBS at the final stage of exit also as NEET.
*NHERA shall be the sole regulator for higher education, including professional education
*All bodies like AICTE, NCTE.etc will be transformed to Professional Standard Setting Bodies PSSBs.
*MOOC will be given special preference.
*Open and Distance Learning also will be covered under NAAC, only qualified institutions will be permitted to conduct ODLs.
*There will be Yes/ No- recognition by NAAC, instead of Grading.
*Levels will be introduced between Assistant, Associate and Professor cadres.
*Boards will be constituted with autonomy for colleges/ Type I, II, III institutions.
*DST, ICSSR ..etc like funding agencies also will also function.. in addition to NRF.

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